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Hi! It's such a pleasure to meet you

I'm Nea

I design nature-inspired jewelry imbued with deep symbolism for confident people who are passionate about making their dreams into reality, and who love to inspire those around them through their actions, what they wear, and lives they lead. I create wearable wisdom to inspire your own positive evolution.

Are you a courageous dreamer?

Yes? Amazing! Then you've come to the right place.

I make jewelry for women and men like you who:

  • Are confident and passionate about making your dreams come true
  • Believe in your own strength & power to focus your intentions into manifestation
  • Love inspiring the people around you through the life you lead, actions you take, and beauty you wear
  • Feel energized and awakened by sparking deep conversations
  • Have a desire to spark joy and meaning in everything you do
  • Know that wearing a daily touchstone of jewelry can truly support you to focus your intentions
  • Want to know that every purchase you make supports a heart-centered community
    of artists who live and work as a family

Awakening Pendant

After the Labyrinth in Sacred Sedona

Sacred Earth Ring

My Jewelry Journey

Buckle Up :) We're About to Go Around the World & Back

I've been a jewelry-lover and creative dreamer since I was a little girl, digging for crystals in my backyard garden labyrinth in University City, St. Louis, Missouri. Gemstones always brought me a sense of wonder, comfort, and a sense of connectedness to nature, Mother Earth, and all of life. I felt most at home, and fulfilled in my heart while playing outdoors, interacting with crystals and making jewelry with them, and reading inspiring writing.

I began making jewelry as a little girl and always felt the call to make beaded jewelry to gift to others when any special occasion arose because to me it was the best way for me to give my loved ones something directly from my heart. Because jewelry is worn on the body, by giving my loved ones jewelry that I made it felt like a way to connect us even if we were apart.

My path in life took me in a direction that seemed more practical, and I went to college to study Philosophy and English literature at Washington University in St. Louis, but my heart remained steadfastly enamored with jewelry and writing.

After graduating I took a year for self-reflection before applying to law-school and purchased a round-the-world ticket which brought me to Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore. Thailand, Cambodia, and Japan. About six months into my trip I felt a calling to remain in one place instead of continuing to travel, and my heart called me back to the creative, abundantly natural island of Bali, where they had entire villages dedicated to different artforms. I purchased some opals from a traveler from Australia and sought out a local silversmith to help me set them into jewelry.

One month before I traveled home, I witnessed a tragic attack on the island of Bali which claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent people. As a result of this devastating act of cruelty by people against others, I fell into a very dark place mentally, and felt heartbroken for the heart-centered spirit of the people of Bali, hundreds of thousands of whom lost their sources of income as tourists fled the island out of fear. In my heart I desired a way to heal my own spirit and give back to the island and people who had given me so much inspiration for my creativity. Never had I been in a place that allowed me to be constantly surrounded by blossoming nature and spiritual fulfillment, and which drew out my desire to write and draw so much.

So that is what I did. In early 2003 I returned to the US, sold the jewelry I had made, then returned to Bali and invited the silversmith who had helped me to help me purchase tools to set up a studio of our own. Now, 20 years later, we still have our studio in which we make our own jewelry, support other designers to bring their ideas to life through production, and offer jewelry-making classes to travelers. Every day begins with prayers of gratitude in our studio space and our team is treated like family with priority placed on fair living wages, paid vacation, a no-questions-asked policy for time off needed for family, and team dinners and annual outings like white-water rafting and hiking. I'm really proud of what our team has created and how much love we put into everything we do. Most of our team has been with us since the beginning and we have watched one another grow, and each other's children grow and flourish.

Boulder Opal Starry Night

Jewelry Evolution Mandala

Personal Power Necklaces


Melamun Desgins was my original company, focused on fine and demi-fine heirloom and one-of-a-kind jewels. Although this brand no longer exists, I still can create these designs and versions of them.

If you are interested in me creating a channeled design for you that combines my current vision for deep meaning & symbolism with precious or semi-precious stones, please email me to set up a consultation for a quote & timeline NEA@JEWELRYEVOLUTION.COM

During my time making jewelry, I have helped countless designers create their own brands and created hundreds of designs and several of my own brands, including Melamun Designs, a demi-fine line of hand-made sterling silver and gemstone jewelry and one-of-a-kind gold and gemstone jewelry which I sold to fine jewelry stores all over the US, Canada, and Japan.

My jewelry designs from Melamun were featured in magazines and even on a billboard in Times Square, worn by the participants of Amercia’s Next Top Model. I also co-founded House of Alaia jewelry, which was worn by stars like Alanis Morisette and Sophie Trudeau.

Melamun Designs on ANTM

Personal Power Necklaces

Featured in Elle

You might be wondering why I moved away from working on these brands even though I was having so much success.

Something was missing for me in my jewelry making and I went on a spiritual journey to find out what my heart and soul truly wanted to create.

I invite you to keep reading to find out how that led me to create Jewelry Evolution, and ultimately here, with you.

Designs I Created for House of Alaia

Jewelry Evolution Began with a Prayer for more Meaning

When my father was diagnosed with Lymphoma, I made the decision to move back to the US indefinitely to be close to my family. At that time I had been going through a deep spiritual awakening and made the prayer that I could unify my passions for jewelry, writing, and my spiritual path.

I took some time to study shamanism, Cranio-sacral healing, become a Certified Spiritual Healer, was certified in Pranic Healing, and become a Reiki master. I thought about ending my journey as a jewelry designer to become a spiritual teacher and healer, but jewelry still called to me from my soul.

But I no longer had the heart to make beautiful jewelry unless it had deep meaning and could bring my soul authentic fulfillment. I wanted to create artistic jewelry with symbolism and stories so that when I shared my jewelry with others, I could weave my spiritual healing practice into the designs. I wanted my jewelry to help me share meaning with my clients, and inspire them to live more connected and joyful lives. I knew in my heart that I could do my part to make the world a better place by creating beauty that had a transformational story, one jewel at a time, one heart at a time. My prayer was that by helping one person feel more focused and inspired to live their dreams, that could ripple out to those around them.

The universe answered with a collaboration with Janet Mills and don Miguel Ruiz for the best-selling book The Four Agreements. I created a line of jewelry engraved with all of The Four Agreements on it and through the medium of jewelry, I create wearable touchstones for this incredible wisdom to help others transform their own lives and relationships in positive ways.

with the Ruiz Family

Nea & don Miguel Ruiz

Gathering of the Shamans

It Feels Wonderful to be Creating Again...

My other designs are based on symbols from my spiritual path and from nature that inspire me, and I often incorporate power words for focus onto the pieces, sometimes hidden on the inside or backs of the
jewels. I begin with a sketch, which my talented wax-carvers then hand carve into waxes. From the waxes, we create molds and cast with the lost-wax casting method in sterling silver, bronze, and brass.

I took about 6 years away from my own designs to focus on profoundly meaningful spiritual projects, but my heart is calling me back to creating again. Jewelry Evolution is a reflection of my own personal evolution and transformation, and this brand is my love letter to you and to those who see you wearing my jewels and feel called to spark a deeper conversation about the story behind what you are wearing and why you are wearing it. I hope each of my jewels that goes out into the world becomes a catalyst for positive transformation and meaningful connection between those who wear my jewels and the people they come into contact with.

I design nature-inspired, symbolic sculptural jewelry for women and men seeking greater inspiration and spiritual depth to what they adorn their bodies with. The right jewelry can help you express the depth of your soul and I design very wearable, durable pieces that you can dress up or dress down an outfit with to make a bold visual statement to spark deep conversation with those around you who see your jewelry and feel called to ask about it. I’ve designed each piece with a story card that comes with it so you can gift yourself or someone you love a jewel with symbolic meaning to inspire and uplift their spirits to follow their hearts and live their dream lives.

From Sketch to Jewel

The Four Agreements Jewelry

The Joy of Creation



My gemstones are calling to me to create with them again.

Although my current collection is metal-focused I'm feeling creatively inspired to work with the incredible precious gems I have acquired over the years.

You're invited to sign up for my VIP list of "Evolutionaries" to be notified when I drop new designs.